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Operating System Help

How to think about your computer

Your computer can be thought of like a desk at which you work.

The computer's hard drive is like the desk's drawers—you store things in the drawers, but you have to take something out of  the drawer to use it.  For the computer you have to take things out of the hard drive to use them also. 

You might store tools like pencils, pens, stapler, a compass, a ruler and tape in your drawers.  I used to have an old oak desk with a place to store a typewriter (I put my printer there).  Your computer stores tools on the hard drive, like a word processing program, a spreadsheet program, a drawing program, a card game, etc. 

You would also keep papers and probably blank paper in your desk drawers.  The computer keeps your documents (papers) in its hard drive. 

When you want to get something out of your desk, you use your hands. On the computer the START MENU is used to get the tools you will use out of the hard disk.  Then each tool will be able to get documents (either existing or blank) from the hard drive for you to use. 

Start Menu Image

To start a program you will go to the START menu in the lower left corner of your screen.  In this case we will go to Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Word.

This will start Microsoft Word, your word processing package.  To learn more about Microsoft Word click HERE.

Keep this analogy in mind as you use your computer. It will help you understand what your computer is doing, and help you with figuring out how to use its features.

If you would like to learn more about managing files using File Explorer (not the same as Internet Explorer) click HERE

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