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Word Help Sheet

This help sheet is a ready reference for your use of Microsoft Word. Of course it does not cover everything, but does cover most of the basic needs for Microsoft Word.  Please select either RTF for Rich Text Format documents (for MS Word or other word processors) or PDF for Acrobat Reader format.  Note that white space has been left on the right side of the page for you to make notes. If a PDF file opens in Adobe Reader in your browser, you may print it directly or save it from Adobe Reader running in your browser to your hard disk.

To download Adobe Reader, click here. Get Adobe Reader

Download .rtf file                    Download adobe Acrobat file

Autocorrect in Word

Another helpful change you can make in Microsoft Word is to turn off some of the automatic formatting. In particular the autoformatting of paragraphs and lists cause people problems. One client started creating a cc list (carbon copy) of clients to get copies of a letter, and Word decided she was trying to make a list and changed her cc: to a. and then put b. and c. in front of her other copied recipients. The control for this is not in an obvious place. If you go to Tools/Autocorrection Options in Word 2003 or later the controls are in a menubox that opens up.  If you are using an earlier version of Word, it is under Tools/Autocorrect, and there is a button on the menu that accesses the controls.


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