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Costs for your Web Site

Why are our sites so inexpensive?

If you visit this site's "Our Associates" page, you will see that the "Associates" in Johnson Leflore and Associates are not employees. We are all sole proprietors, working out of our own spaces. This way of creating associations brings overhead costs down to almost nothing compared to a firm that has maybe only 5 employees, but still needs accounting services and a receptionist. Plus they will be paying for 2 to 3 thousand square feet of office space at $2 to $5 per month per square foot, spending perhaps as much as $15,000 per month on rent. We provide skilled designers and specialists without incurring the large overhead that goes with a corporate entity.

Some Clarification of Costs

New web site owners typically are confused about why they are paying two fees, when they are getting one web site. Your domain name, sometimes also called your URL (Universal Resource Locator) or web site address, is maintained by an organization called Internic.  On the other hand your web site itself resides on a server owned by your web hosting service.  The two fees reflect these two items. 

We will check on your desired domain name and when you commit to doing a site design with us we will purchase your web hosting service and your domain name at the same time.  Payment for the hosting service and 1/3rd of the site design fee will be due at the time you commit to having us design your site. On final payment for the site design we will put your name on your domain name registry as the registrant  (we will remain as the admin and tech contacts) and we will put all design files onto your site. This gives you the control to change to a different site designer should you so desire.

Your domain name registration will expire one year from its initial date--we will bill you for that renewal and upon your payment we will renew your registration.

To summarize, for your web site you will pay for:

Domain Name registration--$10 per year, with the first year free.

Web Hosting Services--$50 per year (we recommend signing up for 2 years for $90, which provides increased disk space for your web site and larger bandwidth to support more traffic to your site.)

The actual design of your site (see below)

Costs for the design and maintenance of your web site

We charge $200 for your first Web Template.  The Web Template(s) defines the structure(s) of your pages and assures that your site will have a consistent look and feel.  If you want a different appearance or structure in part of your site an additional template would be required. If an additional template is built onto the first template (for instance there might be a set of pages where the original template has a horizontal button bar and the pages for the new template require a set of additional buttons on the left side) then the cost for the additional template would be $150. If an entirely new template is required it will cost an additional $200. If you only want an index page (a single page web site) the cost will be between $150 and $200 depending on the complexity of the page..

Each page, up to 10 pages total, is $100. Additional pages above 10 will be discounted to $80 per page.

Large multilevel sites (where each button in a menu leads to a whole other set of pages, or to subdomains) will be quoted based on requirements.

Once your site is up there is no maintenance cost (except the annual renewals mentioned above) unless  you want to change something.

Simple text changes or changing pictures is $35 per upload with you providing the pictures and text. Changes on more than 3 pages will be an additional $10 per page. Changing more than 3 pictures per page will incur a $5 per picture fee.

Changing the structure of the site (significantly reformatting pages or changing links) will be quoted based on the need.

For pages with tabs (like file folder tabs where clicking on the tab gives new information) each tab will cost the same as a page, as there is actually more work in setting up each tab  then in setting up a regular page. If the information in the tab is very simple, the price may be reduced.

Floatbox based displays (usually slideshows) will incur a $20 charge for the Floatbox license, and a $45 per page fee for setup on each page where floatbox is used.

We will provide up to one hour of redesign (usually for aesthetics) in the first 30 days after the site is complete as part of the initial contract.

Please note that these costs do not include web hosting at $50 (1 year) or $90 (2 years). As noted above, the first year of your URL name registration is included with your web hosting.

We require the web hosting fees (typically $50 for 1 year) plus one third of the expected cost of the site before we will begin construction of your site. Standard hourly rate is $96 per hour.

Want pictures on your web site? - a great idea! - we can take pictures for you, or we can use your pictures. We can also place a logo on your site. If you have a good print copy of your logo we will simply scan it--no graphics design required.  If you don't have a logo, we can help you design one. 

Please see About Web Sites for things to think about concerning the design of your site.


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