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The different look of the Support pages is done with just a few
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Support and Training

Teaching and training in the use of computers and software is something we have long enjoyed.  We can help with just about any program, with formatting, macros, Excel spreadsheets and calculations, working with graphics, movie maker programs.  If  you need help with a program we haven't used before, we will make every effort to acquire the information we need to assist you. Having worked with computers and provided computer support since 1982, we have the experience such that we can fairly quickly gain familiarity with most software.

Click the buttons to the left to find helpful information about various aspects of computing. The first three topics are about making sure that your computer is as safe as possible from various malicious aspects of computing on the World Wide Web, and from hardware failures that can cause you to lose your work. The last three buttons lead to helpful information about using your computer.

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